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What we do all year long with COVID consciousness

By consistently showing up with practical and joyful items, handpicked and hand-packed with a loving note, Rubye’s Kids volunteers show children living in Philadelphia’s homeless shelters that many people care deeply about them and that they deserve the new supplies and fun experiences that so many of us take for granted. Committing to programs throughout the year almost guarantees that any child entering a shelter will experience the unconditional love of being a Rubye’s Kid at least once!


Martin Luther King Jr. Day Duffle Bag Project

Duffle bag containing a fluffy pillow, a positive affirmation pillowcase, personal hygiene supplies, a biography of MLK, and a beanie baby to ease each child’s transition from their home to life in a shelter.


Kozy Kids

Tote bag filled with cozy pajamas, a warm blanket, a washcloth, a towel, and a beanie baby for children living in homeless shelters.


Spring Initiative

Drawstring bag that includes an insulated water bottle, baseball hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, an umbrella, bubbles, jump rope, activity book, and crayons in preparation for summer programs.


Summer Enrichment

Financial sponsorship of camp and local field trips, as well as new equipment and supplies, for children in shelters during the summer to keep them safe, flourishing, and occupied.


Back to School Backpack Project

A sturdy backpack bursting with new, quality school supplies for children living in a homeless shelter, so that they go back to school equipped with everything they need to feel good about themselves and ready to learn.


Winter Coats

New, warm, winter coats for all children living in the homeless shelters with which we partner.


Holiday Party in a Bag

Designed to make the holiday special for children living in shelters and others in need, a Red Rubye’s Kids Bag includes a toy, hat, gloves, school supplies, art supplies, toothbrush, toothpaste, culturally appropriate book, holiday socks, positive affirmation pillowcase, candy cane, and other fun gifts.

Special Projects

Rubye’s Kids Learning Centers

Rubye’s Kids Learning Centers are stocked with computers, books, furniture, and inspiring decorations. They serve as welcoming oases in shelters and community centers; places for homework, research, reading, tutoring, and quiet family time.

Volunteer (Youth) Initiated Projects

Allowing local youth opportunities to create service projects that benefit children in need is a longstanding Rubye’s Kids tradition. We support Bar & Bat Mitzvah Projects, “Sock It To Me” sock drives, Popcorn Fundraisers, Concerts, Crayola Crayon collections, and more. Rubye’s Kids is open to new and creative ideas for children to get involved in making Rubye moments!