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Rubye’s Kids Learning Centers

We began creating Rubye’s Kids Learning Centers in homeless shelters in 2008 to further carry out our mission of empowering children living in poverty through joyful, enriching experiences that promote strong values, education, respect for self and others and commitment to community. As of this year, we have now established centers in several homeless shelters.

Each center has computer stations with Internet access to provide children living in the shelters with a place to complete their homework, just like their classmates living at home. Bright blue bookcases hold a wide selection suitable for all grade levels. Colorful tables and chairs, comfy pillows and soft rugs offer still more places to work or relax with a good book. Families can play quality games or quietly read together. Parents select beautiful picture books to read to their little ones. There are even cuddly stuffed animals ready to listen to stories read by young readers.

Children affected by homelessness and deprivation face enormous obstacles to academic and personal success. 

The purpose of the Rubye’s Kids Learning Centers is to change some of these conditions by providing a pleasant, attractive, quiet and safe place, an oasis for literacy and learning for both children and parents alike. We are passionate about the importance and power of reading, writing and technology as tools for learning and success in life.


Rubye’s Kids, Inc. provides the computers, books, furniture and décor for the Learning Centers and these very special places in the shelters are greatly valued and well-used by the residents. We hope to be able to expand and include other shelters in need very soon.





Donations for this project can be sent to:

Rubye’s Kids, Inc.
c/o Weiss Holistic Health Center
453 Johnson Street, Suite 101
Jenkintown, PA 19046