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Rubye's Kids 24th Annual Holiday Party
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Shelter Birthday
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The Rubye’s Kids Mission

The mission of Rubye's Kids, Inc. is to empower children in need.

Our Vision:

To provide a variety of enriching experiences for needy children in the Philadelphia metropolitan area so that they have an opportunity to grow into self-assured, benevolent adults who give back to the communities they encounter in their personal and professional lives

Our Goals:

  • To continue to serve 500 children at our annual Rubye's Kids Holiday Party
  • To provide essential school supplies to all of the inner city elementary schools with needy children
  • To provide every child living in a homeless shelter with a sturdy backpack filled with school supplies through our Backpack Project  
  • To create more Rubye's Kids Learning Centers with computers, books and furniture for the shelters that need them
  • To continue to host birthday celebrations for children living in shelters 
  • To continue our Parting Gifts project for children finally transitioning out of the shelter system, giving them items they can use in their new homes 

How YOU Can Help: 

  • Financial Support (Individual and Corporate)
  • Volunteer 
    • Events
    • PR and Marketing Specialists
    • Grantwriters
    • Photographers
    • Graphic Designers 

        Rubye's Kids, Inc.
        453 Johnson Street, Suite 101
        Jenkintown, PA 19046
        501(c)(3) donations are tax deductible