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 Frequently Asked Questions
About Rubye's Kids


1.  What is Rubye's Kids?
Rubye's Kids is a grassroots group of people who are committed to enriching lives and bringing joy to often forgotten, needy children from inner city Philadelphia.  Our mission is to empower children living in poverty through joyful, enriching experiences that promote strong values, education, respect for self and others and commitment to community.

2.  Who is Rubye?
Rubye Caesar was a North Philadelphia mother who was very active in her community and for many years, she made sure that the children in her neighborhood had a celebration at holiday time.  She was a humble woman of integrity, compassion and understanding.  She was always willing to help others in need. In the early days of the holiday party, there were no hundreds of volunteers, just family with Rubye at the helm, serving the neighborhood children.  Although it was chaotic, she managed to get everything together from food to toys, from hats to gloves. The children left with a feeling that they were loved and cared about.  Rubye Caesar made an impact on everyone who came in contact with her.  She died in February 1995, but her loving, giving spirit lives on. Rubye's Kids Holiday Party was named in her honor.

3.  How long has Rubye's Kids been in existence?
Twenty-one years and counting.

4.  Is there only one annual event?
No. The organization began with our annual holiday party the second Saturday in December, a gala that currently serves 500 children. We also have an annual Children's Music Festival on the second Saturday of March as a fundraiser to support our other projects. We host birthday celebrations for children living in homeless shelters.  We have volunteers that meet throughout the year to assemble the various supplies for Rubye's Kids Closets, our Backpack Project and our Parting Gifts program.  We also create Rubye's Kids Learning Centers in the shelters.  Our vision is ever expanding and we are always open to new possibilities.

5.  How do you select the children that attend the holiday party?
The children are selected from Philadelphia public schools and homeless shelters. The school children are chosen based on need by the principals, teachers and counselors.

6.  How many children are invited to the holiday party?
Five hundred children.

7.  What are the ages of the children that attend the party?
Six, seven and eight years old.

8.  How do the children get to the party?
Rubye's Kids, Inc. provides buses that transport the children to and from their school or shelter.

9.  How frequently do you have parties in homeless shelters?
Four times per year.

10.  How do I get on a volunteer list?

Click on our volunteer link and fill out the form for an upcoming event.

11.  How can I help Rubye's Kids?
Volunteers for events, donate items (i.e., holiday or birthday gifts, etc.), or make a financial contribution. You can do all of these from our donation form.

12.  What does Rubye's Kids need the most?
Volunteers and funding!  We are in need of grantwriters, PR and marketing specialists, event planners, photographers and graphic designers.  We also need financial contributions from individual, small business and corporate donors.

13.  What should I know as a potential volunteer?

Volunteers cannot bring their own young children to any Rubye's Kids events. Volunteers must come at the start of the event and stay until it is finished and cleaned up--there are no exceptions to this rule. Volunteers must be age 16 and over. Required dress attire for volunteers includes white shirt, black or khaki pants and sneakers or rubber-soled shoes.  Please leave all valuables at home.

14.  What does it mean to be publicly known as a Rubye's Kids Supporter?
Your name could be used on the website or promotional items for Rubye's Kids, Inc. Your name would appear as you have written it on the donation form and can be changed by sending an e-mail to

15.  What items do Rubye's Kids need?

Many items are accepted and all are appreciated! Common items include new school supplies, books, winter accessories (hats and gloves) and, of course, toys.