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Rubye's Kids 24th Annual Holiday Party
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Shelter Birthday
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Please see below for important information about this year's party! 

Dear Rubye's Kids Supporter,
Exciting news! Rubye’s Kids reached a magnificent milestone: we have helped more than 24,000 homeless and underserved Philadelphia children in 24 years. Your financial contributions enabled us to build and support five Library Learning Centers in homeless shelters; provide thousands of new winter coats, backpacks, and school supplies; and end every year with a big Holiday Party.
We are writing to you now to announce two new initiatives. 
First, we’re taking the Holiday Party to the children, at an elementary school like we did in the 1990’s. Challenges around transportation, parental engagement, site costs, and security made us rethink our current model. With the help of experienced volunteers, even in its pilot year, this school-based party will serve as many children as in prior years – maybe more! If successful, we’ll add locations at a responsible, manageable pace.
New Holiday Party Location: Richard Wright School, 2700 Dauphin St., Philadelphia, PA 19132
Second, we just launched a new endeavor that we expect to become a sustainable annual program. Our mission to empower children is best fulfilled when we listen to our partners in the field. Conversations with our shelter partners revealed a need we never knew existed.
Usually children entering a shelter may bring only a single bag with their possessions. Upon arrival at the shelters they and their families receive a room, beds (or cots), and meals. One item the shelters cannot provide is a pillow. We purchased 100 duffel bags of substantial quality, filled them with a new pillow and pillowcase printed with positive affirmations, and high-demand personal hygiene items like toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, soap, soap dish. This small gesture, Rubye’s Kids Duffle Bag Project, will hopefully, allow the children to feel more “at home” in their new surroundings.
Thank you for your generous support (both financial and through volunteering), and stay tuned for future opportunities to help us meet our Rubye’s Kids’ most important needs in the most effective ways.
This year’s Holiday Party registration follows.
Roz Weiss, President
Rubye's Kids, Inc. 

  Rubye's Kids Annual Holiday Party

Historically held the second Saturday in December, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm


To provide a day of joy and celebration during the holidays for children in need and to give them a hot meal and a holiday gift. Also, to provide them with essential school supplies, a book and winter gear and to encourage them to share the joy and give back by volunteering when they are older.


-Serves 500 needy children ages 6-8 each year
-Has served over 8,000 children to date
-Provides a holiday "feel good" for children and volunteers
-Former Rubye's Kids return to volunteer and give back

Please click here to volunteer where you can give your time
or donations to a worthwhile cause
Thank you in advance!